Baby Chicks

Pleystowe Poultry, as of November 2023 specialize in 3 breeds of chicken, Silkies, Aracuna's and our own 'Flightless Egg Factory". Rhode Island Reds are coming in 2024!. All of our chicks are sold unsexed, due to their young age. Flightless Egg Factory's, can be purchased as chicks, unsexed, or at a couple weeks old, once the gender is confirmed! Prices can be subject to change in supply and demand, as well as age factors. Please contact us if your interested in some baby chicks!


Silkies: The Fluffy Chicken $12ea

Pleystowe Poultry invites you to discover the enchanting Silkie chicken – a breed renowned for its distinctive fluffy plumage and gentle demeanor. Originating from ancient China, Silkies are not only charming but also excellent egg layers, producing around 3 to 4 small, creamy-white eggs per week. Beyond their egg-laying prowess, Silkies are known for being exceptional mothers, displaying nurturing instincts that make them stand out in the world of poultry. Pleystowe Poultry ensures that each Silkie embodies the breed's whimsical charm and maternal qualities, offering not just a delightful addition to your flock but also a source of fresh, flavorful eggs. Embrace the magic of Silkies—a choice that brings both joy and the assurance of a devoted chicken mom to your coop.

Aracauna's and Their Colourful Eggs $15ea

Pleystowe Poultry welcomes you to discover the captivating Araucana chicken – a breed celebrated for its distinctive appearance and delightful characteristics. Originating from South America, Araucanas are not only visually striking, with tufted ears and blue-green eggs, but they are also exceptional egg layers, producing around 4 to 5 eggs per week. Beyond their impressive egg-laying abilities, Araucanas are known for their serene temperament. Each Araucana at Pleystowe Poultry embodies the breed's unique charm, offering not only a visually appealing addition to your flock but also a source of fresh, vibrant eggs. Embrace the allure of Araucanas – a choice that brings both visual appeal and reliability to your coop.

Flightless Egg Factory: Our very own egg laying chicken! $10ea

Our Flightless Egg Factory (or FEF's) chickens are our very own mix of breeds that will produce high quality, and a large quantity of eggs over its lifetime. These chickens are perfect for a small flock, and can be great pets as well.

*Please Note: These are the parent stock of our "FEF's"