Fertile Eggs


We are going to begin to sell Fertile Chicken Eggs in the coming months. We will have Silkie, Aracaunas/ Easter Eggers and Commercial Laying fertile eggs available. Pricing depends on breed, supply and demand. Please contact us first before placing a order.

The above picture shows our commercial layer fertile eggs. 

Our eggs are collected from our free range chickens, who are fed quality 18% protein and food scraps. They are stored correctly, and chosen with precision to ensure maximum hatchability.

Aracaunas will hatch out in a few different colours, but all will be half lavender as our rooster is pure lavender. Our other colours (for the hens) include, black, white, brown, multi coloured and cream.

This one our most common looking chick from our eggs.


This is one of our lavander babies that a customer sent us a photo of a couple weeks after purchasing. The following pictures are of other possible colours you could hatch with Pleystowe Poultry eggs

A black and white aracauna

A white Aracauna baby.

Our Silkies have previously hatched out in very unpredictable colours. Your most likely to get a partridge coloured chick, but have has some white and black ones. We have recently had a blue(ish) rooster start breeding, so we are going to begin expecting some blueish chicks.

Our Prices

Araucana Fertile Eggs. $35 per dozen


Silkie Fertile Eggs: $30


Commercial Eggs: $25 per Dozen.