Free Range Eggs

Our high quality free range eggs start at $7 per dozen. Delivery and pick up options are available, conditions apply. 

At Pleystowe Poultry, we believe in giving our hens the best life possible. Our lovely ladies roam freely in a spacious environment, enjoying the freedom to choose where they spend their days—be it in the sunshine, exploring horse pattocks, or cozying up in their own chicken coop shelter.

We take pride in providing them with a well-balanced diet, sourced from the finest feeds at Barastoc Poultry. But that's not all—our hens also get the chance to forage for their own food, indulging in bugs, grubs, and the freshest grass while free-ranging.

With eggs collected daily and stored with care, our commitment to their natural lifestyle goes beyond just good food. Our watchful roosters, Raymond and Greg, ensure their safety and add a touch of charm to the farm.

Start 2024 with delicious free range eggs, from happy and healthy hens.

Happy hens mean tasty eggs with a rich, golden yolk. When you choose Pleystowe Poultry, you're not just getting eggs; you're getting a slice of the most natural and delightful farm life. 🐔🌿 #HappyHens #NaturalLiving #FarmFresh"

Limited Supply available, and will vary throughout the year.