Meet our Roosters

We are currently breeding four different breeds of chickens! This means we have quite a few roosters that will be breeding our adorable baby chicks. These roosters will determine the colours and temperament of their offspring!


Ronald is my original rooster, is our main man in the silkie flock. He is hard to catch, but loves a good cuddle, and has produced some adorable baby's in his time as our breeder.



Greg is our one of our Flightless Egg Factory Breeders, and the protector of the flock. He is very brave, and will do anything to defend his flock from threats such as predators. A interesting feature of his, is his massive spurs, which from personal experience, are incredibly painful. He is a Black Australorp cross with a Rhode Island Red, and is a stunning rooster to look at.


MEET ALBO: (The rooster, not the prime minister)

(this is albo as a young cockerel, awww)

Albo is our araucana breeder. He is a beautiful Lavender colour producing some incredible lavender coloured offspring. His name is from the general theme of the whole Aracuna coop being named after politicians, and since he's the rooster, he gets to be the 'Prime Minister'.