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'Flightless Egg Factory' (Commercial layer) Fertilised eggs

'Flightless Egg Factory' (Commercial layer) Fertilised eggs

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Our Flightless egg factory are great layers, good looking and well tempered birds for your flock. The fertile eggs are perfect for your clucky hen or a incubator.

The breeds contained in these fertile eggs are Rhode Island Reds, Australorps and Isa Browns, with the possibility of Leghorn genetics.

All eggs come from our egg laying flock and are handpicked for the best chance of fertility and hatching, based on its shape and size.

Any male chicks that hatch would also be suitable for meat.
All fertile eggs are backed by our Fertilised egg guarantee, which means if an egg never starts to develop at all, you will be refunded for that egg. (Or replaced if it suits better)
These eggs are perfect for incubators or clucky chooks, and those looking to raise their backyard hens from the very start.
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